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Women's Collection

In 2015 as a result of consistent requests, Gaziano & Girling expanded its shoe range to include women’s styles. There are three available: the Maddison Chelsea boot, the Liberty slip-on and a delicate one-eyelet derby, the Florence.

The range includes shoes in calf, alligator, stingray and lizard, although all are available both ready to wear and made to order. There is also a bespoke service.

Gaziano & Girling’s ladies shoes are unique. They combine fine, delicate design with traditional construction, ensuring both elegance and comfort.

Women have longed for quality, good materials and - most importantly - the perfect fit. Gaziano & Girling’s shoes deliver in all three areas, with superior comfort coming from the structure of the shoe, which supports the arch of the foot, and from the range of widths available.

Each of the three styles can be ordered in narrow, medium and wide widths, creating a personalised fit that is almost unheard of in women’s shoes. The quality of the materials, from the upper leather to the oak-bark soles, also elevates them above the rest of the market.
Women's styles are only available via our MTO service at this time. Please contact for all enquires.

For all enquiries please contact: