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About Us

Gaziano & Girling is a unique shoe company. Founded in 2006 by Tony Gaziano & Dean Girling, it has become the most innovative and versatile shoemaker in England, combining handcrafting and manufacturing skills to put itself at the top of both the bespoke and benchmade industries.

Tony and Dean worked for a variety of bespoke makers, designers and Northampton manufacturers before coming together to launch Gaziano & Girling. Their aim was to bring a new look and quality standard to a sometimes somnolent industry, with fresh designs in bespoke and unprecedented handwork in their benchmade shoes. 

The result is beautifully made footwear that suits men both young and old, conservative and contemporary. Traditional English models are updated with touches of continental flair, in the last, a shaped waist and design elements that together raise a functional shoe into a work of art.

Tony and Dean, both makers in their own right, are today joined by a group of multi-faceted craftsmen at their factory in Kettering, just outside Northampton – the first shoe factory to be set up for over 100 years. By working across disciplines and together forging their distinctive approach, they have made Gaziano & Girling the sine qua non of classic male elegance.

Tony Gaziano Dean Girling
Tony Gaziano has been instrumental in the design and development of shoe ranges for many premier quality brands, and continues to offer a consultation service. He insists on maintaining hands on involvement in the production of bench made and bespoke shoes and is a talented craftsman as well as being a leading designer. Dean has been producing the highest quality of tailor made shoes for some of London's top bespoke houses. He is recognised in the trade as an artist and craftsman of exceptional skill, a man who maintains shoe making standards that might otherwise be lost forever. As such, he is widely considered in the trade to be the craftsman's craftsman.